Friday, September 9, 2016

Workshop Descriptions

#iTeach808 : Empowering Hawaii’s Teachers In Technology   Saturday, September 10, 2016

Virtual Reality
Michael Fricano II
Google Cardboard is an amazingly simple, yet versatile, tool can immerse your students in virtual reality experiences like none other. This session is meant to be a fun exploration of Google Cardboard. We’ll play with a handful of great apps and discuss ways in which this great new tool can be used in the classroom.
Google Classroom
Kevin Allen
Stay organized, streamline delivery of lessons, collect assignments, enhance engagement, and edit/comment/grade/return in bulk! Google Classroom is perfect for your 1:1 classroom.
Photo/Literature Journaling
Maia Rosen
Take a journey through literature with photography. The novel Half a Chance by Cynthia Lord is the perfect springboard for students to combine a love of reading with photography. Students chronicle Lucy’s journey as a budding photographer by creating their own photo journal and learn to find the “story” in their photographs.
Creating Non Fiction e-Books
Amanda Bobbitt
Everyone is an expert at something. Now, you have the chance to write a book on it! Come learn how to research a topic of your choice using kid friendly search engines such as Kiddle and KidRex, pull facts from the Unlimited Library App Epic!, and create your own e-book with Book Creator. Soon, you’ll be an expert on creating Non-Fiction eBooks too.
Student Driven Digital Portfolios
Michelle Colte
The App Seesaw will help you develop student driven digital portfolios. Age appropriate, authentic audience, strengthens school/home connections and 100% teacher friendly.
Google Forms
Fiona Hayashi & Tina Shibata
Develop meaningful connections with your parents and students by opening the doors to communication through Google Forms. Share the data to enhance your teaching and learning in the classroom.
Conference Room
BreakoutEDU (7-12)
Terry Holck
Come learn about and experience Breakout EDU, where you are lost in a Time Warp and must navigate the history of communication in order to escape!
H.S. Library
BreakoutEDU (K-6)
Michelle Bagaoisan & Cecilia Chung
Do you have what it takes to Breakout? Breakout EDU is a challenging and fun way to engage your students in problem solving skills through close-reading. If you haven't played it before, come join us for a game of Candy Caper Breakout (K-6) and learn how to use it in your classroom.
H.S. Library
BreakoutEDU (K-6)
Jennifer Arthur
Another K-6 BreakoutEDU workshop
Tech 1
Stop Motion Animation
Melanie Ching
Stop motion animation gives students opportunities to explore and create with different materials and manipulate them in creative ways to demonstrate their learning in other content areas.
Tech 2
Early Childhood and Technology
Dr. Elizabeth Park
Learn about what mindful technology means for early childhood education and what early childhood educators and parents should consider when integrating technology. Alien Assignment, Toontastic, and Roll Call are few apps that can be used mindfully.
Tech 3
Minecraft In Education
Gabriel Yanagihara
Learn to play Minecraft and see example projects and lessons that 'Iolani teachers have done using Minecraft. Participate in a Hands-On discussion as we run through a template lesson you can use.

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