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iTeach808 on September 9, 2017

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ITeach808 is a great #FREE event for Hawaii Educators sponsored by the Augustine Educational Foundation & Sacred Hearts Academy. This year the event will be on September 9th, keynote by EdTechnocation & free Google Cardboard! Be sure to take advantage and register to attend today! #iTeach808 #SacredHeartsAcademy #GoogleCardboard

Also, choose up to 3 different workshops to attend!

Minecraft In Education3-12Gabriel YanagiharaThe goal of this fun hands on workshop is to share the story and experiences of classes and workshops about various topics taught to 6th to 12th grade students at Iolani School using Minecraft as a tool for learning across multiple disciplines. It covers an introduction to Minecraft as well as a model for implementing Minecraft or other new technologies into your curriculum.

Attendees will learn to play Mineccraft and work together to build their own Minecraft project.
Google Classroom: Streamline your lesson delivery and focus on outcomes4-12Kevin AllenIn this one hour workshop learn about the benefits of using Google Classroom coupled with G Suite applications to package lessons for a powerful punch.
Introduction to Google Docs: Tips, Tools, and Tricks4-12Noah MyersIf you're looking to fully utilize Google Docs in your pedagogy and haven't had the chance to truly get into the app, then this session is for you! From learning about the basics of Docs to more advanced tools and tricks, you'll acquire knowledge and skills to help improve student writing, collaboration, reflection, as well as teacher assessment.
Video Editing In YouTube & Other Tricks5-12Alyssa MyersYouTube is a great resource for sharing videos with students, but did you know that you can also create videos and annotate them within the website? Find out how easy it is, along with other tips and tricks for digital success in the classroom.
Drone Photography 1016-12Alexey VolobuevDiscover a broader range of possibilities in your drone and pick up essential skills that will help you capture our beautiful paradise here in Hawaii through aerial photography. These workshops are designed for those who love to fly their drones but want to take their aerial photography skills to the next level.
Raise Your Voice: Podcasting with Students6-12Christina TorresGive students the ability to raise their voices, opinions, and ideas! Using all web-based apps, create a meaningful project and assessment for students that empowers and engages them.
Game on! Create a Video Game with Bloxels Builder3-8Michelle ColteBloxels Builder is a hands-on platform for kids to build, collaborate, and tell stories through video game creation. In this session you will build your room, create a character and capture your creations in the app. See student projects and gain tips for rolling out Bloxels with your students. Participants should bring a tablet & download the free Bloxels Builder app prior to the session.
Enhance Literacy Skills to Develop Student Identity in a Safe Online Environment Through Blogging6-12Elfie RosarioLearn how blogging can enhance student writing in a collaborative and safe environment online. Teacher and students blog together building relationships within a community. Writing becomes purposeful and relevant to enhance literacy skills and make writing fun again.
Part 1: Bring Virtual Reality into Your Classroom

Part 2: Creating Virtual Reality for Teachers and Students
K - 12Michael Fricano II Part 1: Have you been blown away by Google Cardboard yet? This amazingly simple, yet versatile, tool can immerse your students in virtual reality experiences like none other. This session is meant to be a fun exploration of Google Cardboard. We’ll play with a handful of great apps and discuss ways in which this great new tool can be used in the classroom.

Part 2: One of the most powerful uses of virtual reality content are VR field trips! You can take your students anywhere in the world (and even into space and the human body)! But what if you could help your students create their own VR field trips for other classes around the world? The new Thinglink VR Editor for classrooms is one of the easiest and most effective tools that empower students to take control of their own learning while creating quality VR content that can be shared with the world. We’ll take a look at some exemplary student samples and you’ll learn how you can use Google apps and the Thinglink VR Editor in your classroom on day one! (Thinglink is a paid tool, but the best on the market! Receive a discount code for attending.)
A-Scavenger-Hunting We Will GoK-12Melanie ChingUse scavenger hunts to engage students' mind, body, and spirit while learning and assessing content knowledge.
Integrating Performing Arts with STEM to create a standards based drama productionK-6Masaru UchinoPerforming Arts and drama education is one of the most underutilized curriculum areas in most classrooms today. This workshop will describe how the use of a standards based original drama production can be helpful in allowing a wide range of students to learn class curriculum in a non-traditional method for subjects such as science, math, and social studies. Participants in this workshop will be able to consider various levels of applying and integrating Performing Arts and Drama Education into their own class curriculum.
Taking STEM Outside: ʻĀina Based Learning for Innovative SolutionsK-8Debbie MillikanIn this session, participants will explore strategies that engage students in critical thinking and design solutions using garden-based projects. The application of technologies in the garden and a discussion of the "why" behind what we do will be the foundation for this hands-on interactive session.  

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Save the date!

Save the date!  The next iTeach808 will be on Saturday, September 9, 2017.  The theme will be multiple intelligences and technology.  More information to come!

Friday, September 23, 2016

Enjoy the video from our latest #iTeach808 on Saturday, September 10, 2016!

Friday, September 9, 2016

Workshop Descriptions

#iTeach808 : Empowering Hawaii’s Teachers In Technology   Saturday, September 10, 2016

Virtual Reality
Michael Fricano II
Google Cardboard is an amazingly simple, yet versatile, tool can immerse your students in virtual reality experiences like none other. This session is meant to be a fun exploration of Google Cardboard. We’ll play with a handful of great apps and discuss ways in which this great new tool can be used in the classroom.
Google Classroom
Kevin Allen
Stay organized, streamline delivery of lessons, collect assignments, enhance engagement, and edit/comment/grade/return in bulk! Google Classroom is perfect for your 1:1 classroom.
Photo/Literature Journaling
Maia Rosen
Take a journey through literature with photography. The novel Half a Chance by Cynthia Lord is the perfect springboard for students to combine a love of reading with photography. Students chronicle Lucy’s journey as a budding photographer by creating their own photo journal and learn to find the “story” in their photographs.
Creating Non Fiction e-Books
Amanda Bobbitt
Everyone is an expert at something. Now, you have the chance to write a book on it! Come learn how to research a topic of your choice using kid friendly search engines such as Kiddle and KidRex, pull facts from the Unlimited Library App Epic!, and create your own e-book with Book Creator. Soon, you’ll be an expert on creating Non-Fiction eBooks too.
Student Driven Digital Portfolios
Michelle Colte
The App Seesaw will help you develop student driven digital portfolios. Age appropriate, authentic audience, strengthens school/home connections and 100% teacher friendly.
Google Forms
Fiona Hayashi & Tina Shibata
Develop meaningful connections with your parents and students by opening the doors to communication through Google Forms. Share the data to enhance your teaching and learning in the classroom.
Conference Room
BreakoutEDU (7-12)
Terry Holck
Come learn about and experience Breakout EDU, where you are lost in a Time Warp and must navigate the history of communication in order to escape!
H.S. Library
BreakoutEDU (K-6)
Michelle Bagaoisan & Cecilia Chung
Do you have what it takes to Breakout? Breakout EDU is a challenging and fun way to engage your students in problem solving skills through close-reading. If you haven't played it before, come join us for a game of Candy Caper Breakout (K-6) and learn how to use it in your classroom.
H.S. Library
BreakoutEDU (K-6)
Jennifer Arthur
Another K-6 BreakoutEDU workshop
Tech 1
Stop Motion Animation
Melanie Ching
Stop motion animation gives students opportunities to explore and create with different materials and manipulate them in creative ways to demonstrate their learning in other content areas.
Tech 2
Early Childhood and Technology
Dr. Elizabeth Park
Learn about what mindful technology means for early childhood education and what early childhood educators and parents should consider when integrating technology. Alien Assignment, Toontastic, and Roll Call are few apps that can be used mindfully.
Tech 3
Minecraft In Education
Gabriel Yanagihara
Learn to play Minecraft and see example projects and lessons that 'Iolani teachers have done using Minecraft. Participate in a Hands-On discussion as we run through a template lesson you can use.

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

12 Breakout Sessions

The first 100 at the door will receive a free copy of Alan November's book.  Register today!  

Check out the 12 breakout sessions on Saturday, September 10!

The theme this year is preparing 21st century learners.  Our goal is to learn how to use technology to teach students the 6Cs of education: connectivity, communication, collaboration, creativity, culture, and critical thinking.  How can we leverage technology effectively in the classroom to prepare 21st century learners?  Keynote speaker Alan November will be discussing his book Who Owns the Learning? and sharing ways to use technology to achieve these goals in the classroom.

After the keynote, you will get to meet each presenter during the meet and greet, then decide which one you'd like to revisit for a more in depth 1 hour classroom workshop.  No RSVP required for each session.  Just register to attend the conference!

Coffee, breakfast, and lunch will be provided.  This event is made FREE thanks to our sponsors, Sacred Hearts Academy and the Augustine Educational Foundation.

1 hour workshopPresenterSchool
*BreakoutEDU (K-6)Michelle Bagaoisan & Cecilia ChungKaimiloa Elementary
*BreakoutEDU (7-12)Terry HolckWaianae/Nanakuli Complex
Digital Portfolios (Seesaw App)Michelle ColteHale Kula Elementary
Early Childhood and TechnologyDr. Elizabeth ParkChaminade University
Google ClassroomKevin AllenSacred Hearts Academy
Google FormsFiona Hayashi & Tina ShibataSacred Hearts Academy
Minecraft In EducationGabriel YanagiharaIolani School
Non Fiction e-BooksAmanda BobbittSacred Hearts Academy
Photo/Literature JournalingMaia RosenHanahauoli School
Stop Motion AnimationMelanie ChingWaialae Charter School
Virtual RealityMike Fricano IIIolani School

*Limited to the first 20 at check-in in the morning.

Friday, May 20, 2016

Save the date and sneak peek!

There will be only one iTeach808 Conference next school year.
Saturday, September 10, 2016, from 7:30-12:30 at Sacred Hearts Academy Honolulu

Alan November will be returning for a 90 minute keynote presentation.  More details to follow in August.  Thank you!
Image result for alan november books   Image result for alan november books   Image result for alan november books

Alan November was the cofounder of the Institute for Education Leadership and Technology at Stanford University. He has presented in all 50 states, every province of Canada, across Europe, Asia, Central America, and South Africa. As practitioner, designer, and author, Alan has guided schools, government organizations and industry leaders as they plan to improve quality with technology.  Each July, November leads the international Building Learning Communities summer conference near Boston.